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Initial Consultation

This meeting will leave you with answers to questions like "where do I begin" or "what's next?".  We meet for an hour where the child is most comfortable, your home!  Suggestions for facilitation language, potty training or how to address difficult behaviors will be offered.


Child care workers, baby sitters, grandparents, family members, and church workers all could use basic information on how to help your child with autism.  Simple ways to facilitate language in natural settings or address difficult behaviors will be presented in a way anyone can understand easily.


Is your child struggling at school , daycare or at home?  Sometimes a basic observation is all that is need to pinpoint triggers for your child's behavior.  

Swimming Lessons

Group swim lessons can be a problem for kids with autism.  Using a private pool of your choice can eliminate distractions and help your child be comfortable in the pool.

Hourly Tutoring

Regular sessions in 1 or 2 hour blocks are offered to address all areas of concern.  Most sessions are a combination of ABA, social skills groups, language groups or Floortime.  Addressing fine and gross motor skills in a one on one setting is beneficial.